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Forever Family are based in Lancashire, England.

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We are an ordinary couple, with two adopted children. You can read our story in the "About us" section, but briefly, this site aims to give our personal advice on adoption, based on our own experiences and also provide products that we found were not ordinarily available in the UK market, for example, Adoption Cards, Announcements, Gifts etc..

We hope you enjoy our site and tell your friends and family about us - we are not experts, but simply two people who feel Adoption is special, it's what makes you a family, and it should be celebrated! If you would like to share your experiences in our forum, we would love to hear from you.  Thanks.



You will find quite an extensive selection of cards on this site, we now have several categories from Baby adoption cards to Older Children, cards for Grandparents and congratulations cards for Adoption and Matching Panel, Foster Fathers' and Mothers' Day cards. We even have thank you cards for Foster Families and Social Workers along with Birthday and Christmas Cards for Foster Families to send to their Parents. Our range is now so varied, hopefully something for everyone’s taste. If you feel we have missed anything or would like a Bespoke card, please let us know............<more>




Adopting your child is something you want to tell the world about.  Unfortunately, even though it is so special to you, you will find few, if any, stationery shops stock adoption announcements.  Most new arrival announcements are for the “birth” of a new baby and the words may not be appropriate..............<more>




On our Gifts and Partyware Page we have many products such as Life Story Books, Framed Poems, Ornamental Bears, Presentation Bottle Bag, Heart Keepsakes, Poems, Photo Gifts, Balloons and More,..............<more>





Please visit the Forever Family UK Adoption Forum, we offer support for prospective adopters, along with a friendly place to share your adoption thoughts, apprehensions and experiences with others .......................<more>




Our Useful Links page will detail any other sites we find which may be of interest to you, please feel free to suggest your site for our links page and we would love to reciprocate if you display a link to our page on your site.

Payment can be made using our secure payment option via PAYPAL, this allows you to pay using most credit or debit cards, or if you would prefer, you may pay via cheque by using the form on our Contact Us page and we will email you with instructions, please note that we will require all cheques to clear before we can send goods.



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